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The Night Watch

90min BBC film, BBC2

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Adapted from Sarah Water's best selling novel by award winning writer Paula Milne

Described by the director as 'an emotional thriller', the story is told in reverse, starting in 1947. We are Introduced to four young Londoners who seem haunted by their past, before winding back to 1944 and then finally 1941 to reveal what dramatic events they have experienced. We eventually discover how their lives became intertwined through love and loss whilst surviving the Blitz.

Director: Richard Laxton

Producer: Annie Tricklebank

Cast: Anna Maxwell Martin, Clare Foy, Jodie Wittaker, Harry Treadaway, JJ Feild, Liam Garrigan, Claudie Blakley and Kenneth Cranham

Screened at NFT1 to sell-out audience during BFI's LLGF Festival

Recorded at Air Studiosa


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